This blog details the work I'm doing to turn the old computer I used in college into a Freevo system that uses Slackware Linux. I'll post the steps I take (hopefully something resembling a tutorial) and links to drivers or helpful websites. No promises on quality writing, but I still hope it can help! My system is detailed below. If you have any questions about how I got my stuff working, please contact me through my website. The link is on the left. Happy Linuxing!

My System:

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Linksys LNE100TX EtherFast® 10/100 LAN Card 

As I noted in my last entry, I left my wireless USB network adapter at my parents' house. I don't need wireless in my new condo since the Freevo is right next to where the router is, so I got a normal wired LAN card.

Installation with Slackware 9.1 was simple. I put the card into a PCI slot and turned on the PC. Linux instantly recognized the card and it worked fine. That's all. Didn't need a new version of the Tulip driver or anything like that.

I ran netconfig to configure the network settings. Simple!

Sunday, May 02, 2004

I'm back! 

This may be hard to believe, but I WILL finish this Freevo box.

I've been taking graduate classes on top of working full time, I bought a new place AND there's a new girl in my life. This equated to ZERO Freevo (or free, for that matter) time. But the semester's over, I've moved into my new condo, and I want to get this thing up and running so that when I'm super busy again I'll at least be able to record the shows I was missing.

The new hard drive went in last night (yes, it took 5 months for me just to get the drive into the case). I still put a Windows 2000 partition on there, just in case I need to use the box for Windows stuff. Slackware is installing as we speak.

I am so glad I blogged everything. It's going to be easy to get back up to speed. One problem, though. Back at my parents' house I was using a USB wireless adapter to connect to the internet. This box has no network card and I left the USB adapter at my parents' house. I've been too busy to visit and pick it up. Having to burn CDs on my laptop with the software I need will be a pain until I buy a network card, or visit my home town.

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