This blog details the work I'm doing to turn the old computer I used in college into a Freevo system that uses Slackware Linux. I'll post the steps I take (hopefully something resembling a tutorial) and links to drivers or helpful websites. No promises on quality writing, but I still hope it can help! My system is detailed below. If you have any questions about how I got my stuff working, please contact me through my website. The link is on the left. Happy Linuxing!

My System:

Monday, May 10, 2004

<Mel Gibson voice> Freeeeeeeeeeeeevoooooooooooooo! </Mel Gibson voice> 

My Freevo box is up!

Everything that I care about works. I can view TV listings, set things to record, set favorites, the web server works so I can set things remotely, everything records great, and I even have Samba up so I can share the video files with my Windows XP laptop.

I still want to get my remote control working, but other than some tweaking with the quality of the video files there's really not much else for me to do.

Freevo's great. It's worth the effort to get it up.

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