This blog details the work I'm doing to turn the old computer I used in college into a Freevo system that uses Slackware Linux. I'll post the steps I take (hopefully something resembling a tutorial) and links to drivers or helpful websites. No promises on quality writing, but I still hope it can help! My system is detailed below. If you have any questions about how I got my stuff working, please contact me through my website. The link is on the left. Happy Linuxing!

My System:

Monday, August 16, 2004

Status Update 

I've completed a substantial amount of work on my Freevo. This includes getting my Matrox G400 video card working (for TV output), IR receiver working (for remote control), getting NES and SNES emulators working, and setting up a joystick, which is a Playstation 2 controller with Radio Shack USB adapter. Smaller things I've done are setting up cron jobs to retrieve TV listings at night and to update my PC's clock (which loses something like 7 seconds per day, which explained why my recordings were beginning to be way off in time).

I'd like to detail my work on all of this, because it's very cool. The TV output of the Matrox G400 is beautiful. Getting the SNES and NES emulators to output to TV is great, because with the proper filtering it actually looks better than it does with the original console hooked up. And of course, if you're going to use those emulators you need a suitable controller. Finally, the remote control gives it the ease of use that any consumer electronics item should have.

Hopefully I can get writing soon.

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